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Tito’s One Hour Tune Up Workshop

This is a two-day workshop that focuses on a one hour full-body general ‘tune up’ that is applicable to most of the population. Utilizing this protocol introduces the therapist to the model of three-dimensional dynamic balancing and tensegrity, features advanced orthopedic protocols, and facilitates the therapist into an integrated approach of soft tissue and fascial treatment.

16 CEU hours — 3 lecture hours — 13 contact hours

This is a general protocol used to tune up and promote generalized flexibility in your client’s body. Focuses on:

  • Major joints of the body
  • Structural and supportive musculature of the body
  • Loosening and freeing of major fascial chains/sheets/pouches
  • Strengthening and realigning of musculature along natural lines of force
  • Generalized Increasing of flexibility on the major muscle groups
  • Across all planes
  • Anterior and posterior

Potential Benefits to the Client:

  • Possible increased mobility of major joint systems
  • Possible increased muscular flexibility
  • Deeper and more regular breathing
  • Facilitates the client into a deeper understanding of the interrelationships of joint and muscular systems
  • Possible generalized release of stress and pent up energy
  • Deeper understanding of the role of postural balancing and freedom

Important note: this one hour tune up requires the client to be fully clothed. This is because there is s significant amount of movement and mobilization of the torso, hips and all limbs. The client will be moving quite a bit and performing resistive stretching (PIR) for many of the protocols, so be sure to complete a thorough intake to avoid aggravating any pre-existing conditions or injuries to muscles or joints.

*Be sure to note any surgeries to joints or capsules, and any fascial restrictions that may be caused by surgeries or injuries that may inhibit the client from performing a full PIR stretch. This includes any decreased ROM of any joint system. Note these accordingly and approach these areas with care, caution, and clear communication.