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Q:   Is this a spa style massage?

A:   Nope. Not at all. Its more like a stretching and mobilization session, and a lot of fun. Regular relaxation massage, this is not.

Q:   Do I hafta take my clothes off?

A:   Nope. Actually since there can be movement and stretching, Tito asks his patients to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes for their sessions.

Q:   I’m sensitive and have a low pain tolerance.

A:   No problem. Tito continuously checks in, and he has palpation skills that are acutely aware of the body’s reactions to pressure, stress, and movement.

Q:   I just got into a car accident. What should I do?

A:   Get evaluated as quickly as possible. Tito has affiliation with a clinic(link) that has doctors and chiropractors. If there are no broken bones and no internal tears or significant swelling, then we can get started right away. some regular doctors say to wait, but that usually allows the muscles to splint up and cramp. Get ice on it, and get in to see Tito (after a doctor’s referral, of course)!

Q:   Does Tito do house calls?

A:   Not usually, but it depends on the situation. contact him to find out.

Q:   I’m pregnant. is it ok to receive treatment? My hips are killin’ me!

A:   Absolutely! over the past four years Tito has worked on at least 12 women all the way to term. He is excellent at working with the ever changing body of a woman who is pregnant. He even has a special cushion that allows them to lay on their belly.

Q:   I just had a baby. Should I come in?

A:   Yes. It is very important while the mother is getting used to nursing, and the hormone relaxin is leaving her body that everything is structurally balanced as the ligaments tighten back up.

Q:   I have a chronic condition. Is it safe to see him?

A:   Depends on the condition, check with your doctor, and if you can get a referral, great! Come see me.

Q:   Do you treat kids and older folks?

A:   Yes, each person is different, so deserves complete undivided and custom attention and treatment.