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Massage Therapy & Auto/Personal Injury Rehab

Tito’s Techniques draw upon an incredible knowledge base, excellent touch, and more than a decade of full-time clinical experience to provide personalized treatment benefits to patients seeking rehabilitation for acute injuries, or relief from chronic pain. Portland, Oregon massage therapy & bodywork, with unprecendented effectiveness and results.

Automobile Accident Injury Massage Therapy

Bike & Bicycle Injury Massage Therapy

Worker’s Comp. & on-the-Job Injury Massage Therapy

Tito’s Massage Style & Practice:

It’s About Freedom…Your body is an instrument of precision. But even the most basic of activities can move it out of alignment. Whether you’re a desk jockey or a super athlete, regular bodywork can make a huge difference in your body’s ability to function effectively.

Tito specializes in recuperative therapy; this is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a “spa-style” relaxation massage. This is bodywork at it’s best: focused, intentional, intutive, informed care for relief from chronic pain and recovery from injuries. Tito is uniquely adept and listening and understanding your personal needs, working within your personal limits, and customizing your treatment session for a speedy recovery.

A Revolutionary approach to bodywork, combining precise stretching & joint mobility with muscular strengthening & postural alignment techniques.

A Note from Tito:

After three years of practicing Swedish/spa style massage, I gave it up. I had discovered Muscle Energy Technique(MET) &Thai massage—so will you.

I noticed that even after several swedish style massages, people kept returning with the same ailments. They felt good after massage, but not better.

Even people who don’t fall prey to today’s sedentary modern lifestyle can still become stuck somewhere in their bodies. The most strong and flexible bodies still reach their plateaus. No matter the activity level, I believe Dynamic Balancing can help. By opening up the muscular-skeletal structure, the flow of energy can be restored.

Each of us has a unique experience, and I pay attention to that. I combine my years of technical knowledge with an intuitive understanding of the individuality of each body, in order to most effectively work with and treat each person’s needs. Together we work towards enhanced flexibility and balance, in mind as well as body. You get to keep your clothes on plus take an active role in your healing experience.

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