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Massage Therapy for Auto Accident (MVA), Worker’s Comp, Bicycle Injuries

Automobile Accident Injury Massage Therapy

Oregon is a PIP* state, so it doesn’t matter who’s at fault, you can get treatment for your injuries! Even if ‘oh, it doesn’t hurt that bad’. get yourself looked at and come see me. nothing worse than waiting a month and then not being abale to turn your head, or raise your arm, or not even be able to get out of bed. Get treated, just so you know you’re ok.

  • in most cases, regardless of fault, your injuries can be treated
  • go see a doctor to be evaluated/diagnosed
  • get a prescription for soft tissue therapy
  • get in to see me as quickly as possible!
  • make an appointment!

Most motor vehicle accidents(MVA) are soft tissue injuries. These injuries need to get worked on quickly, and with expertise, to speed recovery and keep the pain, soreness and acheyness at bay. I have over 8 years experience with MVA’s and work at a pace that you will be comfortable with. These injuries can affect and even change your life and what you can accomplish (or not) in a day. Let’s work together to get life back to normal, shall we?

Get evaluated by a physician, either your primary care physician or Urgent Care/ZoomCare, and have them fill out a prescription for soft tissue therapy. I have a convenient prescription form here on my site, that you can easily print out and take with you, or the doctors can fill out, and we can get you better!


Massage Therapy for Worker’s Comp. & on-the-Job Injury

No one likes getting injured on the job, but it can happen. If you are injured on the job, or have a workman’s comp claim, all you really want is to get back on your feet again and I can help. be sure to bring all appropriate information as well as a prescription for soft tissue therapy and we can work together to get you better.


Bike & Bicycle Injury Massage Therapy

Let’s face it. Bike accident injuries suck. But these soft tissue injuries can be managed and we can get you riding again! have your physician fill out the form and we can get you treated, bring your insurance information as well, and case/file number too.


*Personal Injury Protection insurance- all involved parties can receive treatment regardless of fault(generally)