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Anatomy Alive

A seminar offered to Yoga Practitioners and Teachers. You’ve never had an anatomy class like this one!

More fun and information than you can shake a stick at!

Providing participants with colorful pulleys, strings, dowels, and a steel bowl, Tito leads a reconstruction of the human muscular support system of the legs, pelvis, and back. Next, using tensegrity balls, simple models of joints, and even drawing muscles on each other with washable watercolor crayons, students playfully learn and interact with their bodies in new and informative ways!

What is this Seminar?

Anatomy Alive! is a whirlwind tour of the body presented in a relaxed, comfortable, interactive studio environment. From fascia to chakras, passing through structure, musculature, joints, movement basics, and energetics, Tito gives a concise yet comprehensive and very practical overview of the body and its relationship to Yoga. A time-tested curriculum of effective body knowledge fused with experiential inquiry into the design and function of the muscular anatomy, Anatomy Alive! Is designed to empower your yogic practice with functional anatomical knowledge.

Benefit to your Yoga Studio Members

Empowered with increased understanding of their bodies, your yoga students will be more confident about their practice. They will understand corrections better, and some people report making through their plateaus more gracefully. The more confident your studio members are about their bodies, the better practitioners they can become. They may also experience fewer injuries, and a greater sense of accomplishment.

Why is Anatomy Alive! good for your studio?

The more diversity you have in class offerings, the more students you will attract. Plus, it shows your members that you care deeply about the progression of their yoga practice.

Who is Tito?

Similarly we are continuously adjusting our muscular structure to balance and optimize the way we move through the world. Through stretching and postural alignment techniques, Tito facilitates freedom in the bodies of his clients. Tito’s expertise coupled with a fascination for the material and confidence with teaching creates an environment of freedom, participation and inquiry, not to mention a great giggle!

Why not today?

Schedule a weekend seminar with Tito for your next calendar disbursement and watch your students expand and explore their yoga practice with confidence! Plus, you get props for giving a great seminar too!


12 jam-packed contact hours — Flexible structure
2-day weekend seminar 10am – 5pm sat/sun, w/breaks
– or –
4 weekday/evening seminars; 2.5 hrs each


For a complete curriculum outline and scheduling availability, Please contact Tito for Fee Structures and amendments.

Topical Outline of Anatomy Alive! Seminar

  • Anatomical Terminology
    • Anatomical terms
    • Agonist antagonist model
    • Directional terms
    • Spacial terms
  • Movement
    • The Tensegrity Model
    • A whole new way of experiencing your body
    • Levers
    • Joints
    • Proprioception
    • Balance!
  • Fascia
    • The most neglected and misunderstood organ!
    • The organ of structure it’s everywhere!
  • Muscles
    • Structure & function
    • Posture & Movement
    • Contraction and release
    • Fatigue and failure
    • Strength and power
  • Regions
    • A full tour of the body
    • Pelvis and spine
    • Feet & legs
    • Shoulder
    • Arms
    • Neck & head
  • Myths about fitness
    • Lactic acid
    • No pain no gain
    • The perfect posture
    • Hand and foot positioning
    • It’ll go away
    • Chiropractic adjustments
    • Cracking your knuckles
    • Push through it!
    • A hard body is a healthy body
  • Energetics
    • Chackras
    • Meridians
    • Kundalini awakening
    • Emotional/psychic sources of illness
  • Deepening Your Yoga
    • Applications for personal practice
    • As a teacher
    • Listening to your body
    • Being more responsive to your body
    • If it hurts you now know where to stretch it

This seminar can really change people’s yoga!

Medical Note: Tito’s seminars are informative and a great jumping off point for learning more about the body and how it works. In no way should Tito’s seminars be considered medical advice nor are they intended to replace any type of formal training for either yoga teacher training, or medical training.